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Belmont Babblers

District 21, Division B, Area 12, Club: 1201


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New! Impromptu Speaking

Ever been asked to fill in for or take the place of another speaker? Learn how to be spot-on when you're put on the spot.


New! Rehearsal Tips to Make You Shine!

Rehearsal is the secret sauce of great speeches. Make sure you shine as a speaker by following these rehearsal tips.


Managing Your Fear

Are you afraid of the unknown? Does the fear of failure send you running for the hills? Understanding anxiety, as well as how to control its physical manifestations, will help make you a more confident public speaker.



Keeping the Audience Engaged

Keeping an audience interested is crucial to a successful speech. This video addresses the finer points of vocal variety, speech structure, the benefits of practice and the rewards of authenticity.



How to give a Toast

Someday you may be called upon to say a few special words. Learn what to do — and what not to do — to make the most of the moment.



Finding Speech Topics

What should a speech be about? Should you stick to what you know, or explore a new subject? Get answers to these questions and more.



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